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Swiss Pavilion

Switzerland is rigorously pursuing the idea of “better city, better life”. A country already very small in area and limited further by its extreme topography, Switzerland has been forced to choose an approach that is radical; green or unoccupied space has reached a preciousness, which calls for new concepts utilizing the underground.

To provide the Chinese society with an inside to how Switzerland realizes “better city, better life,” the entire pavilion program is located in the underground. An exhibition ramp illustrating how Switzerland occupies the underground in various scales takes the visitors down 30 meters to the movie theatre. The exhibition sheds light on current infrastructure projects such as Neat and Porta Alpina, explaining how Switzerland introduces large scale measures that also mean “better city, better life” for the neighboring countries.

Christain Bandi, Sabrina Gehrig, Selva Gürdoğan, Gregers Tang Thomsen

Type: Pavilion
Size: 4.000 m2
Client: Swiss Tourism
Collaborators: Transsolar
Location: Shanghai, China
Status: Settled