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 Photography: Iwan Baan

SALT Offices

Istanbul’s most exciting and diverse cultural institution, SALT is in Karakoy, in the newly-renovated Ottoman Bank building originally inaugurated in 1892. The re-design of the building was undertaken by Mimarlar Tasarim, and younger architecture firms were invited to design the interiors of specific rooms.

Superpool was invited by SALT to design the offices on the second and third floors. The most critical of the offices is called the programmers room, where the curatorial staff envision the upcoming research, exhibitions and events.

The design developed in collaboration with the user group was named “The Parliament” due to its circular arrangement. The Parliament suggests to be a big meeting room and a cooperative workspace at the same time. The center is left intentionally empty, to be filled up with useful things as needed.

To create further possibilities in the seating layouts, the tables are designed for double sided use. SALT’s curatorial teams are re-configured often to adjust to the varying schedules of at least 4 exhibitions in the planning at any given time.

Selva Gürdoğan, Gregers Tang Thomsen, Matthias Poen, Mustafa Bulgur, Marta Marszal, Nandini Oehlmann, Derya Uzal, Dicle Uzunyayla, Umut Üşüdür

Type: Interior Design
Size: 300 m2
Client: SALT
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Status: Completed