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Dragos Tower

Dragos Towers are planned on the Asian side of Istanbul, with views onto the Marmara Sea and the Princess Islands.

The two towers proposed are designed to allow all units above 5th floor to have maximum views through shaded glass facades. Leaving the big blind surfaces to the back with opportunities for vegetation and alternative energy fields.

The towers are connected at the bottom with a valley of garden units. Dragos Hill has been a prestigious neighborhood of summer villas that is now enclosed by approaching urban development. As a solution to the inevitable expansion of the city, Dragos Towers offers a fresh take on urban housing and its relation to outdoors.

Selva Gürdoğan, Gregers Tang Thomsen, Jonathan Alexander, Stephanie Gallia, Magdalena Gössinger, Nesil Kalenderoglu, Selman Karaduman, Marta Marszal, Matthias Poen, Derya Uzal

Type: Housing
Size: 53.000 m2
Client: Darbaz Yapi - Kafi Şehircilik
Collaborators: YDKStudio, APCB, AKIM, Foxall Studio
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Status: Canceled