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Designing in Tehran

Designing in Tehran was an international contest open to creatives, designers and architects, who were called upon to develop a design for a multistorey building for Benetton in Teheran.

The proposal is reusing a traditional element - the Muqarnas. The simple action of flipping the muqarnas by 180° generates an outdoor urban space monumental in its capacity for different activities.

The result is an open, easy accessible and vital city plaza that gives the building a clear identity; it embodies the care of its patrons for sustainable urban environments. Benetton is a brand with strong public agendas; creation of sustainable outdoors and green space allocation are important issues for the future of our cities.

Thus gathering retail, offices and apartments around itself, the muqarnas creates a vibrant entrance, showcase for retail and terraces for the public and the tenants.

The proposal can be taken further by repeating the motif; Benetton Valley or Benetton Mountain can be formed to arrive at a landscape for the future city.

Selva Gürdoğan, Gregers Tang Thomsen, Matthias Jacob, Marta Marszal

Type: Competition
Client: Benneton
Location: Tehran, Iran
Status: Completed