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 Photography: Jonathan Lewis


Persembe Pazari in Beyoglu District of Istanbul, represents one of the unique economic models of Istanbul, everything that Home Depot / Bauhaus carries as a megastore corporation is available here through a network of hundreds of individual shop owners. A wide spread of products from bolts and nuts to lawnmowers to chainsaws are exhibited in front of buildings with an equally broad range of history, the oldest reaching out to 13th century. The materials, equipment, the active commercial life and the worn-out historical setting is so interesting together that Persembe Pazari inevitably attracts creative enterprises.

Similar is the story of Caravansarai; its initiators Julie Upmeyer and Anne Weshinskey have chosen a small six-storey building in the old hardware streets to turn into an independent art production space and meeting point for creators. The aim for the renovation was to design a series of rentable work and live spaces, supported with shared facilities. Thus, defining a challenge to provide a 'white canvas' for each new artist while allowing the building to 'collect' memories and artworks.

Therefore in Superpool's design the studio spaces are subdued in their finishes with natural materials and built-in storage walls, whereas the circulation and utility spaces are vibrant with colors and site-specific artist contributions. Preserved in its use as a work space, the building with its new tenants from around the world, keeps in tune with the local community around it.

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Selva Gürdoğan, Gregers Tang Thomsen, Seda Gecü, Andrea Kessler, Marta Marszal, Umut Üşüdür

Type: Interior Design
Size: 340 m2
Client: Caravansarai
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Status: Completed