• TailorCrete

    TailorCrete is a research project under EUs FP7 program with the purpose to develop new industrial technologies for tailor-made concrete structures at mass customised prices.

    According to the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP), the construction of buildings in the EU consumes around 200 million m3 of concrete annually. This accounts for over approximately 50% of materials, energy, and labour usage in the construction sector. Of this amount, the costs for preparation of the formwork can amount to 75% of total costs. The goal of the research project is to introduce a radically new technology for casting concrete using robotics, which replaces the use of traditional formwork and thus enables greater flexibility in producing singular concrete structures with different geometric designs. TailorCrete will initiate a transition from the rectangular monotony of today’s industrialized mass concrete construction that dominates the European landscape, to new industrialized production of unique concrete structures without the need for expensive and labour-intensive manual construction processes based on traditional craftsmanship.

    TailorCrete brochure is available for download here.

    For more information visit www.tailorcrete.com



    Project Leader
    Danish Technology Institute
    BekaertChalmersCzech Technical UniversityDesignToProductionDragadosEl Caleyo Nuevas TecnologiasETH ZürichGiben ScandinaviaGracePaschal, Superpool, UniconSyddansk Universitet.

    Type: Research Project
    Client: EU Commission
    Status: Completion August 2013